Randy's Sharpening Service LLC, Arvada CO - Company Message
Sharp blades are essential both for the health of your lawn, but also for your mower. Grass that is torn because of a blade that is not sharp can be more vulnerable to disease. But also, a blade that is not cutting at optimal efficiency could cause your mower to work harder than it is designed. I am able to  sharpen conventional (flat or straight) lawn mower blades AND mulching (curved cutting edge) lawn mower blades. I am also able to easily sharpen both left and right handed blades. Only $5 (in shop, off mower. Includes balancing) per blade. Mobile lawn mower blade service also available see: Push Gas Lawn Mower Service
Sharpening chipper blades can extend the life of the blades and the chipper machine. Sharp blades require less power from the machine.  You should be able to tell if blades need sharpening by the way they are cutting and the size materials they put out of the chipper machine. Chunky pieces instead of chipped pieces will indicate a need for blade sharpening. Many chipper machines will slow down or stop altogether when blade sharpening is necessary.If a chipper blade becomes too dull, much of the blade itself will have to be removed during the intensive sharpening process. After 6 to 8 hours of use is usually a good time to sharpen most chipper blades. I am able to sharpen 1" to 12" blades. price of $1.25 Per Inch, Per Side. I sharpen single and double sided blades.
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